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Diagnosis of endometrial cancer in Black women increasing more than three times faster than in White women

The incidence of high-risk uterine cancer is increasing in the United States, particularly among Black patients, according to a new study of nearly 800,000 women diagnosed with uterine cancer between 2001 and 2017.

During that time, the incidence of uterine cancer increased regardless of race, but the rate was 3.6 times higher in Black patients than in White patients. The increase in high-risk endometrial cancer was nearly twice as fast for Black women as it was for White women.

 If these trends continue, the researchers projected that by 2030, the incidence of high-risk uterine cancer in Black patients will be 2.8 times higher than the incidence of low-risk uterine cancer, according to researcher Cortney Eakin, MD (above).

The study results were presented at a 2022 scientific conference.

See “Alarming Trend in Uterine Cancer Incidence: High-Risk Histologies on the Rise” by John Schieszer on the Cancer Therapy Advisor website (March 19, 2022)

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