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Endometrial cancer rate rising rapidly in young Hispanic women

Endometrial cancer rates are rising rapidly among reproductive-aged Hispanic women, adding to the alarming pattern of disparity among women of color. This cancer is long known to disproportionately strike Black women.

In 2018, Hispanic women had the highest uterine cancer rate among young reproductive-age women ages 35 to 39 – a rate 50% higher than that of white women, according to a study of more than 840,000 uterine cancer patients. Cases have been rising a steady 4% each year since 2001.

Over the next five years, Hispanic women in the western U.S. ages 35 to 39 could see a uterine cancer rate triple that of white women.

See “This group of young women is seeing a staggering rise in uterine cancer. Experts don’t know why” by Nada Hassanein on the USA TODAY website (April 26, 2023)

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