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Cervical cancer screening rates too low among Asian American women

Cervical cancer screening rates are suboptimal among Asian American women, despite considerable efforts to improve Pap test screening, said Carolyn Y. Fang of the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Program at Temple University’s Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. These patients have barriers to cancer screening use, which may be affected by multiple factors, including the region of origin and length of residency in the United States, according to CDC surveys.

Data from 2008-2013 showed that Asian women had lower pap test use (72%) than white women (83%), African American women (84%) and Native American women (81%). Of the small population of Asian women who did receive pap tests, the majority identified as Filipino (83%), whereas Indian (67%), Chinese (69%), and other Asian groups (68%) were less likely to get pap tests.

See “Fox Chase Receives Research Funding for Cervical Cancer Screening Disparities Among Asian Americans” by Nichole Tucker on the Targeted Oncology website (June 24, 2020)

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