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A 90-70-90 strategy might eliminate disparities in deaths from cervical cancer

In just 35 years, the United States managed to reduce cervical cancer rates by 54 percent with the help of Pap smears. Now, the World Health Organization’s 90-70-90 strategy of human papillomavirus vaccination, double screening and more effective treatment might be able do away with the disparity in death rates from cervical cancer in the United States.

The “90-70-90” strategy calls for vaccinating 90 percent of women against multiple strains of HPV, screening 70 percent of women for cervical cancer at ages 35 and 45, and giving care to 90 percent of women diagnosed with cervical cancer.

See “WHO’s aggressive, three-part strategy aims to make cervical cancer a thing of the past” by Erin Blakemore on the Washington Post website (February 8, 2020)

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