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Pivotal role that preventive care has in driving some of the colorectal cancer disparities

U.S. News data analysts took a closer look at disparities in colon cancer and found stark differences in who was diagnosed, at what stage, and how they fared.

Black, Hispanic and low socioeconomic status patients were less likely to be screened, more likely to be admitted for an emergent procedure, and had an increased risk of mortality and shorter overall survival time compared with wealthier, white patients. This analysis, combined with an investigation of peer-reviewed literature and interviews with clinical experts, revealed the pivotal role that preventive care has in driving some of these disparities.

See “From Diagnosis to Treatment: The Compounding Effect of Colon Cancer Disparities in America: Gaps in preventive care give way to inequitable outcomes” by Tavia Binger, Greta Martin, and Ronan Corgel on the U.S. News website (October 1, 2020)

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