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Progress on cervical cancer limited by funding gaps

The survival rate for cervical cancer and uterine have been stagnant for years, even as the number of deaths from cancer in the United States dropped overall.

But while treatments have improved dramatically for many forms of cancer, these particular cancers are left behind for a number of reasons, including gaps in treatment and limited research funding for the diseases.

“I hope this data demonstrates that there needs to be more attention given to these diseases,” says Sarah Temkin, a gynecologic oncologist at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Maryland. “At every level, gynecological malignancies are given a little less attention. Hopefully, this starts to be a bit of a wake up call that women with these diseases deserve as much attention and research as any other cancer patient.”

See: “While survival rates soar for other cancers, funding gaps limit progress on cervical and uterine cancer” by Nicole Wetsman on The Verge website (January 10, 2020)

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