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Hispanic women diagnosed with breast cancer at more than seven years younger age on average than White women

US Hispanic women have the youngest average age at breast cancer diagnosis at 57.2 years old in 2023, while White patients are diagnosed at the oldest average age at 64.5 years old. Black women are disgnosed at an average age of 61.7 years.

Researchers analyzed more than 484,000 diagnoses of breast cancer between 2018 and 2023 and found the average age at diagnosis is 63.2 years, which has remained fairly steady since 2018.

Only 38 percent of Hispanic women had a documented screening within one year of their diagnosis, a lower rate than other women. This suggests that Hispanic women were more likely to be seeking care based on experiencing symptoms rather than by the results of a screening.

See “Hispanic Women Are Diagnosed with Breast Cancer More Than Seven Years Younger Than White Women, on Average” by Kersten Bartelt et al on the Epic Research website (August 14, 2023)

Epic Research conducts research “to help solve medical and public health problems.”

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