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Black women more likely to die sooner than other women from type II endometrial cancer

In a study of nearly 15,000 cases of type II endometrial cancer between 2007 and 2016, the 5-year cancer-related death rate was 41% for Black women, compared with 32% for White and Hispanic women and 30% for Asian and Pacfic Islander women.

The higher death rate was linked primarily to the women’s disease stage, tumor grade, and histologic subtype, rather than the kind of health insurance or where the women lived.

“Endometrial cancer is one of the few cancer types in the United States with increasing mortality. Recent studies have shown that these increases are primarily due to increases in type II endometrial cancer, an aggressive subtype that disproportionately affects Black women,” said lead researcher author Pritesh S. Karia, MD, PhD.

“The findings of our study underscore the need for additional research on factors underlying the disproportionate burden of type II endometrial cancer in Black women.”

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