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Black women in Atlanta still more likely than White women to die of breast cancer despite getting recommended care

Black women were still far more likely to die of breast cancer than White women in Atlanta, despite being equally likely to get the recommended care for their cancer. Women who didn’t get the recommended treatments were more likely to die of breast cancer.

“We observed that as clinical guidelines would suggest, failure to receive Guideline-Concordant Care (GCC) was associated with an increased hazard of breast cancer mortality,” the researchers from Emory University reported.

“Although Black and White women were equally likely to receive care consistent with guidelines for all treatment modalities combined, Black women had a nearly 2-fold increase in breast cancer mortality compared with their White counterparts.”

See the full text of the scientific paper “Receipt of Guideline-Concordant Care Does Not Explain Breast Cancer Mortality Disparities by Race in Metropolitan Atlanta” by Lindsay J Collin et al. (August 16, 2021)

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