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Black and Hispanic women underrepresented in clinical trials of treatment for endometrial cancer

Black and Hispanic patients were often underrepresented in individual clinical trials cited in the standard recommendations for systemic therapy for endometrial cancer, according to a survey of clinical studies.

Black patients made up 7.4% of the clinical trials, but the percentage of Black patients with endometrial cancer was 10% of total patients in the U.S. from 1997 to 2017.

Hispanic patients made up 3% of trial participants in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s use of high-quality clinical studies, but about 8% of U.S. endometrial cancer cases were among Hispanic patients between 1997 and 2017.

Unfortunately, in the review of the clinical studies used in the recommendations for treatment of endometrial cancer, less than half included race and ethnicity information, said researcher Amita Kulkarni, MD.

Clinical trial data can help to inform standard of care treatment guidelines for gynecologic cancers, with representation of patients at the highest risk of poorer health outcomes in clinical trial populations remaining essential to understanding their real-world outcomes.

The survey results were presented at a 2022 scientific conference.

See “Black, Hispanic Patients Underrepresented in Clinical Trials Cited in NCCN Guidelines for Endometrial Cancer Systemic Therapy Regimens” by Alana Hippensteele on the Pharmacy Times website (March 18, 2022)

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