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Black women more likely than White women to die of most types of stage I endometrial cancer

Black women diagnosed with stage I endometrial cancer were more likely than White women to die of the cancer across all tumor types other than clear cell, despite receiving similar rates of treatment with chemotherapy or radiation. That was the finding of a study of over 24,000 women with surgically-staged endometrial cancer during 2000-2016.

Survival at higher stages of endometrial cancer did not differ by race, once treatment differences were taken into account.

This finding supports the hypothesis that disease- and treatment-specific factors, not comorbidities, play a role in the disparities seen for Black women with endometrial cancer, the study authors wrote.

This study, they said, points to a need to develop interventions in early-stage endometrial cancer, where Black women have worse cancer-specific survival and the largest population of women is affected.

See full text of scientific paper “Disparities in cancer-specific and overall survival in black women with endometrial cancer: A Medicare-SEER study” by Daniel H. Saris et al.

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